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Hyland House Museum

Hyland House Museum
84 Boston Street

The Hyland House Museum in Guilford, Connecticut, is one of New England's oldest house museums. Our mission is to share our community's rich colonial history and to inspire ongoing stewardship of that legacy.

The House is named for George Hyland, the original owner-settler who bought the land in 1657. The two-story saltbox structure was built in 1713 by Hyland's son-in-law Isaac Parmelee. The Dorothy Whitfield Historic Society purchased the House in 1916 and opened it to the public as a museum in 1918.

The Hyland House is open to the public from June through September. We invite you to stop in for a guided tour or to attend one of our events. You'll discover a rich gateway to history and a lively community of history lovers.

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