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Eide and Dalrymple Gallery

30th Street and Grange Avenue

As a part of Augustana College, the mission of the Eide/Dalrymple Gallery is to contribute to the educational and cultural vitality of the College, the surrounding community, and the state of South Dakota. The Eide/Dalrymple Gallery inspires the artists of today and tomorrow, and serves as a resource for teaching and promoting life-long learning through its permanent collection and temporary exhibition program with accompanying artist visits, gallery talks, and educational materials.

As Augustana’s primary art display space, the Eide/Dalrymple Gallery hosts an average of nine exhibits per year, including Augustana’s senior art show. The gallery also exhibits the work of professional artists, who discuss their careers and art with students in master classes and with the general public during opening receptions.

The gallery houses one of the most important collection of European and American original prints in the Midwest. The Carl Grupp Collection includes works of Picasso, Chagall, Winslow Homer, Whistler, Matisse and Rouault. Recently retired art professor emeritus Carl Grupp is a nationally acclaimed printmaker and was instrumental in developing and expanding Augustana’s prestigious print collection.

The Eide/Dalyrmple Gallery is named after pioneering Augustana art professors Palmer Eide and Ogden Dalrymple. Many of their collaborative works are spread throughout the campus, such as “The Muse” outside the Center for Visual Arts, "Hindsight, Insight and Foresight" (The Owls) by Morrison Commons and “The Bears” by the Humanities building, "The Sower" inside the Chapel, and "Creatures of Creation" on the east side of Mikkelsen Library.The Eide-Dalrymple Gallery is the showplace for the Art Department and plays an enormous educational role for the College and community. It averages about nine exhibits per year exhibiting the best art work from a large region. Each exhibit hosts a public reception featuring discussions by the visiting artist(s). 

A conscious effort is made to expose the students to different thoughts and philosophies in the different disciplines. Each year includes an ethnographic exhibit with works lent from various museums. The gallery houses the most important collection of European and American original prints between Omaha and Minneapolis.



Monday, Oct. 2, 2017
I have been wanting to write this for a long time. I attended here way back in 2000 - 2001 and to be honest it was the worst mistake I ever made in my life. I could literally fill an entire blog but I will be as brief as I can. This place was a nightmare; unhelpful, rude and sometimes hostile professors, inept support staff, an administration that was corrupt and unwilling to address issues or concerns, a student body that was anti-social and intolerant, and to be honest an overall culture resembling a cult. The way they treated people here was terrible and this school has some gall advertising itself to be progressive and tolerant. I saw how you talked down to minorities and you still treat them badly even to this day despite your token minorities on your campus. Your school betrayed my trust in higher education (and people in general) and it took me years to recover from that. How ironic that I was able to finish part of my education at another school (one that you depicted as a joke when the joke was on you) and was able to move beyond what you as a school tried to pull over me. I didn't even get the worst of what you did to others but that doesn't justify you as an institution of higher learning to jerk around your fellow human being. I hope you really do believe in God or whatever it is you claim to believe in because if the rest of the world saw the stuff you pulled on people Augustana would be the butt of everyone's jokes far more than the for-profit schools are. It's not like faith means anything to you since you haven't cleaned up your act from what I've seen. You are a poster child for everything that is wrong with Sioux Falls not to mention higher education. Don't even think that your recent makeover will fool everyone. Having LGBT people and racial/religious minorities running around on campus doesn't even make you close to any respectable school; it's an obvious PR stunt of yours that is tired and cliche. You don't care about minorities; I heard the junk your staff and students said about them almost 16 years ago so don't play dumb with the rest of society. Also, you charge people out the wazoo for everything you can; your tuition prices are bad enough (a small fortune even in 2000) but your bookstore/parking/nonsense fees are almost as much as Ivy League but nowhere near the prestige. As far as the actual classes were half of those might as well have been comedy acts from Saturday Night Live. Some of your professors should have been FIRED for their actions or inactions. I guess the money was all you cared about. Be assured that I won't recommend anyone to your school and I hope that the tuition money you did get from me was well worth it. With all of the scrutiny towards colleges nowadays you better have a very good cover story when the rest of the world finds out about your games. Serves you right for it! By the way, you might want to deal with that liquor problem you have on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods. I know liquor flows freely on most campuses but you might as well have your own liquor store right next to the bookstore judging by the number of empty bottles I saw lying around when I attended your school and still see today.

Jessica Marsland

Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017
This school has a wonderful community that fosters academic excellence, growth both as a student and a human being, and connection to your community. I love going to school here.

Ramshah Jahangir

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
I spent a semester there as an exchange student and it was awesome. The teachers were helping and understanding, the food in cafe tasty and the staff was ready to help you 24/7. Lots of fun and activities for students.

JuniorS Junior

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
Anticipation for college is setting in. Preparation is all i know! With that being said, I'm waiting to (🤞🏽) master my study's!

Jennifer G Mason

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
Amazing school! When you say you've graduated from Augustana - people know you've been to the most academically challenging school in the state and you're well prepared. Highly recommend.

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