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Contemporary Art Galleries

Contemporary Art Galleries
830 Bolton Road

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of UConn’s visual environment and support the educational obligations to which a world-class university aspires. Making contemporary art available to the university community and extending to the regional community by providing an ongoing and internationally recognized series of changing exhibitions.

CAG is committed to acting as a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and university resources. Our vision is international, intergenerational and multicultural. To these ends, CAG connects the most vital artists of our time to the wide-range of scholarship and facilities that exist at a Tier-One research institution, fostering an environment for creative innovation, experimentation and scholarship. Thus, CAG aspires to be recognized not only for whom and what we exhibit, but also as, importantly, the timeliness of our curatorial decisions.

To take a national leadership role in bridging the gap that exists between contemporary art and its potential audience, in order to create a context for understanding how today’s visual arts reflect and express the complex social and cultural issues underlying our changing world.

In pursuit of its mission, CAG is committed to the principles of artistic and intellectual freedom.

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