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Carl Elliott House Museum

Carl Elliott House Museum
1700 Birmingham Avenue

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The Carl Elliott House Museum is a historic house museum detailing the life of Congressman Carl A. Elliott, Sr. and the times in which he lived. The modest home in downtown Jasper demonstrates that a man from a ordinary or even poor background can accomplish extraordinary things.

"There were those who said I was ahead of my time. But they were wrong. I believe that I was always behind the times that ought to be." - Carl A. Elliott, Sr.

Carl Elliott lived through many of the most tumultuous times in Alabama and American History. The Congressman introduced legislation which would change the face of education in America. He served as a trusted advisor to President Kennedy. And he fought for racial tolerance and a better quality of life in in Alabama at a time most Alabamians didn't want to listen. Despite political exile and financial ruin, Elliott continued to stand for the values he believed in, earning him international acclaim in his later life.

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