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Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association

Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association
901 N. Black Street

The Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association is a nonprofit service organization whose mission is to provide facilities and programs for the development of quality, affordable and disciplined competitive and recreational hockey. Formed in the mid-1980s by a handful of die-hard hockey enthusiasts in Bozeman, MT., BAHA has grown with the community. Today BAHA consists of approximately 700 members, with membership defined on a 12 month basis of hockey players registered through BAHA, coaches and board members. All members are voting members. Parents vote in lieu of their children.

BAHA's principal means of supporting hockey and broadening participation in the sport is to operate youth and adult hockey programs that are both accessible and affordable to community members. At the same time, BAHA strives to make these programs competitive with alternative youth activities and fully compliant with USA Hockey regulations.

BAHA is nonprofit service organization with the status of a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. It is organized under the corporate name of Gallatin Hockey, Inc.. BAHA is administered by an elected Board of Directors which hold regular, open meetings that may be attended by members.

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