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Tracie Parkerson

Friday, May 11, 2018
I have had seats in every section at the arena. I've been on the floor to the suites to the nose bleeds and in between. My recommendation is to avoid the nose bleeds. I fell walking down the steps; it was too dark. I'm sure events where the lights are on is fine, but concerts are dark and this was my issue. I suggest some soft lighting on the steps. That would help tremendously! Otherwise, great place to go.

Judith Baker

Monday, May 7, 2018
I have trouble walking long distances and they do have a parking garage available across the street from the arena that did help. It costs a little more but it's worth it to me given my circumstances. I too found out that that there are at the time of ticket sale if you need interpretation of a show that it's available. It was absolutely amazing to me that watching this group of people interpret with as much gusto as the performers themselves. God bless you all for what you do for those who need this. I applaud you and the performers as well, the staff for there kindness and willingness to help with anything you may need. God bless you all for what you do and being able to keep everything running smoothly event after event considering how closely they can be together. One last thing they do have elevators & escalators to help those of us who need extra help or I did see some who didn't need them where also welcome to use the services as well.

David Hardy

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Saw the Eagles here for the first visit. All the seats have a good view with no obstructions. Climate control was fine. Only reason not to give 5 stars is that I am 6' tall and by knees were hitting the seat in front of me, like super economy on an aircraft. Wish I had a bit more leg room. It was really bothersome after a 2.5 hour concert.

Jaime M

Friday, April 27, 2018
The venue was top notch. The crowd handling was very well planned and executed. Getting around the arena was pretty easy. However, the restrooms could certainly use some upgrades to add efficiency. Definitely recommend the venue overall, though.

Sherry Folk

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
It has a lot of very good events, and it's easy to find your way around. They were the number one arena of 2017, and I understand why! Good people and service. Great security. An overall excellent place for events downtown!!!

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