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AndrewShire Gallery

AndrewShire Gallery
3850 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 107


AndrewShire Gallery was established in 1989 to showcase the artwork of Korean artists in the United States. Named after its location on the corner of St. Andrew and Wilshire Blvd in midtown Los Angeles, the gallery opened its doors with an exhibition of the works by the noted Korean artist Kim Tschang Yeul. From this day forward, local and international artists working in a wide range of media were steadily introduced to the L.A. arts community. Some of these artists included Nam June Paik, Peter Alexander, Michael Davis, Tony Delap, Laddie John Dill, Eric Orr and Roland Reiss.

In 2003, under new owner Susan Baik, the Gallery revitalized its energy and vision. While remaining true to its roots within the Korean American community, the Gallery introduced a series of innovative works by promising international and local talent, including David Horvath, Soo Kim, Christine Nguyen, Asuka Ohsawa, Gwon O-Sang. Many of these artists have gone on to show their work in museums, and have forged relationships with international galleries.

In 2005, May Chung joined Susan Baik as the co-owner, deepening the gallery’s engagement with the local community with the introduction of public dialogues pertaining to contemporary art. The gallery’s extended series of talks, lectures, activities and events helped and continue to promote greater public awareness and discourse of visual arts within the Los Angeles area.

March 2006 marked another significant milestone when AndrewShire established a satellite space in Singapore, as a platform to source and spotlight contemporary art in the region. In 2009, Steven Yip joined this Singapore arm of the gallery. AndrewShire Singapore’s active involvement in the local art scene was spearheaded by the organization of several public art shows such as Nature Borne (2009) at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Take a Moment (2010) within Fullerton Heritage Precinct, and Hands Across the Water (2012), a post-residency show involving artists from Malaysia, Philippines and Mexico.

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